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How To Earn Freelance Without Suffering From Burnout

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Having a hard time getting freelance writing work? With so many people vying for finite jobs, the competition has never been higher. But fear not writer; there are plenty of ways to land your dream gig.

Just a few ways freelancers can go about landing that gig in today’s competitive market is by pitching articles to publications and documenting their pitches, researching way-beyond-the-norm freelance gigs, or also marketing themselves on social media in order to position themselves as talented professionals.

 To further help you, here are proven and tested tips that can help you:

1. Create a solid online portfolio

The first step to landing that elusive gig is to make your own website. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but definitely include your work and bibliography (if you have one).

This is a place where you can showcase all the work you have done in the past and also promote your next freelance project. Also, include a short biography detailing how long you’ve been writing and what inspired you to start working on freelance assignments. Oh, and don’t forget to link that portfolio back to your blog.

2. Make a list of publications you want to pitch

Get a small notebook and put down the publications that you would like to pitch. Include blogs, magazines and all other outlets you can think of that have published freelance writers’ articles.

Go through each one and make sure they are online magazines or be sure to check if they’re listed on their writers’ websites as well. Also, make sure that your writing style and portfolio match the type of freelance work they offer.

3. Pitch away!

After you’ve made your list of publications, it’s time to pitch them. Start with a short email introducing yourself, telling them about your background, and giving them a short description of what you’re looking for.

Be sure to link to your portfolio website if the publication allows it (some don’t). After you have sent the short email, wait for a response. See what kind of response you get and if they want to get to know more about you.

4. Relationships are the key!

Does your pitch receive a positive response? So far so good… but then why don’t they pick up your call or want you to come in and pitch? Maybe it’s because they’re busy and can only set up an appointment with one writer at a time.

Here’s how you can overcome this: cultivate relationships with editors. When they’re not busy, give them a call or add them as friends on Facebook. Email them to ask if they have time and also tell them you want to stop by.


Freelancing is not all that bad; the right combination of networking, pitching and perseverance will get you that elusive gig. Also, be sure to build your own portfolio website and start cultivating relationships with potential editors.

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